2. Feels Like Home – Ramblings of Project Wild Lifers

Can we just share how epic this week has been?

We showcased in front of our peers on Saturday night… it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Out of 12 artist performances, ours was the first. Standing in the dark, staring down at our instruments as our introductory video played for all to see, our hearts raced with an excited energy. The video ends. Cue synth. Cue Jason. And the rest is a blur.

We’ve worked with and learned from some of the industry’s top professionals this week, and our brains are exploding with ideas and inspiration. One of the coolest things is that our producer, Bart Mckay, who we’ve worked with time and time again is here this week. He’s like an uncle… and it’s been so special over the last few years to build a true friendship.

Speaking of Bart, we’re going to be late for a meeting with him if we don’t keep this short and sweet. There is seriously so many cool things in the works, all nudged along in our creative brains with help from this amazing week of learning (and the beautiful scenery too!).

Funny how quickly places start to feel like home…

Until next time – Jason & Katie (Midnight Lights)

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