#1. Reflections of a Project Wild Lifer

Okay, so first of all, let us begin by saying that this has been the best and strangest summer ever. Best because we were asked to be a part of Project Wild at the last minute – and stangest for that very same reason.

We received an email marked “URGENT” one groggy Wednesday morning but a week ago, and now here we are at PW Bootcamp trying to find the words to describe the feeling of being back in this program. To be honest, it’s an odd sensation, really. Walking these same halls and sitting in the same dining hall chairs. Sleeping on the same plastic covered mattresses and smelling the same crisp (and smokey) Rockridge air. And yet… the most indescribable part is the overwhelming thrill and gratitude of being welcomed back to this place – not just this place, but back into the Project Wild family.

Throughout our career, we have continued to be humbled time and time again. Perhaps the most humbling experience of all was being a part of this program in 2016. Seems like yesterday and a million light years in the past at the same time. This time, we are approaching this with fresh eyes and ears – putting our fears and insecurities aside and just embracing every single moment.

Our mission? Be kind and caring, do the best we possibly can, and leave here with a boatload of lasting friendships.

With open arms and minds,

Katie & Jason (Midnight Lights)

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