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I Guess It’s Time To Go

Yesterday was the last full day of bootcamp. We had a listening party of the songs we all cowrote, had a party on a pontoon, wrote little notes for each other to take home and had an awesome jam in the smoking gazebo until the wee hours of the morning. It was a beautiful way…

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Photo of Mariya Stokes, performing her showcase at Bootcamp Here we are day 5 of 7 at PW bootcamp and since my last blog we’ve taken several classes on radio tracking, music supervision, publishing, grant writing and social media. The amount of valuable information pertaining to my career in music that my brain is trying…

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Soundchecks and Vocal Mastery

Hey everyone! I’m having a great time out here in Princeton, BC for the Project Wild Bootcamp! It’s really smokey here due to all the fires, which is a little hard on our singing voices but we’re all pressing forward and singing our hearts out regardless. We are making forever friends, cowriting with fellow top…

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