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And things are only getting started!

The fast and slow paced winding roads leading up to Rockridge canyon mirrored how my brain and emotions were acting on day one of PW Bootcamp. Being beyond ecstatic to see everyone and really get to know all of the other artists on a real level, I honestly had no idea what to expect out…

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And on that note, let’s grab some ice cream.

Writing songs poolside, swatting wasps and munching on ranch veggie straws. I really enjoyed soaking in time with Matty McKay recording and might connect with Marc Rogers in Nashville this weekend for coffee and start on Skype lessons. These are the opportunities boot camp is able to offer and we are sooooooo grateful for that. We…

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The Magic of Recording at 1:24 am

PW Bootcamp Blog Entry #1 Ohhhhhh man, here we go! First of all, today was incredible … aaaand tiring & I think we all are starting to understand that the rest of the week is going to be tough. But hey, we’re musicians, we’re the definition of tough! Currently, I am sitting in the Copper…

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