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Nice Horse has a Wardrobe Malfunction

KRISTA: Hey Kaley, what was your favourite part of yesterday? KALEY: When Brandi let me look at her nipple. BRANDI: I didn’t let you! It was an accident. Don’t worry, I put on a bra. KATIE: For the first time ever. KRISTA: Do you think that’s the reason we put on a good show? KATIE:…

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Nice Horse Adds A 5th Member

BRANDI: Guys, I found my dancing soul mate last night. KRISTA: It’s Dustin, isn’t it? BRANDI: Oh yeah, it’s also Dustin. I have two. The other one is Tanya Ryan. KATIE: Tanya, get over here! You’re in the band! TANYA: Yessss! KATIE: Hey Liam, go away and stop distracting Kaley. LIAM: Oh yeah? KATIE: This…

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Nice Horse Expands the Band

KATIE: You guys awake yet? BRANDI: Not really, I stayed up late last night. KRISTA: We had to because we were recording KATIE: Nice Times! Our new supergroup with Mark Times and us. BRANDI: I stayed up after our recording to start booking our world tour. KATIE: Good use of time, Brandi. KRISTA: I can’t…

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Nice Horse talks camp crushes

KRISTA: Did you guys eat dessert at dinner? It was delicious. BRANDI: Best dessert yet! KATIE: No, I don’t have a sweet tooth. I just went for seconds. KRISTA: That’s cuz you hate fun. BRANDI: Kaley didn’t go for seconds, she made me go for seconds for her. KALEY: I’m injuried, #neverforget. KRISTA: Brandi, who…

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Nice Horse goes to the hospital

KATIE: 4 more hours till we track beds for our song we wrote with Mark Times! What do you wanna do? KALEY: Let’s talk about what we learned. Like not playing competitive sports too competitively if you want to live. KATIE: That’s right, we almost had to shoot you. Lucky you’re not a real horse.…

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Nice Horse goes to bootcamp

BRANDI: Hey! We drove to bootcamp today. KATIE: Actually, I drove. BRANDI: True. I manned the air conditioning. KATIE: You did a pretty good job. Somehow you slowed me down though, I can’t believe those other two old horses beat us. BRANDI: It’s cuz I got my period. KATIE: Yup, she said that. BRANDIi: The…

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