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Posts by Mikaila Cooper

Wild Dozen Day 6

It’s day 6 of Boot Camp, food rations are not running low… It’s hard to put into a blog how I’m feeling but here it goes. My brain has never been packed full of more useful knowledge, I’m know I’m exhausted but I’m just so dang excited about everything that it doesent even matter. People…

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The End Is Not The End

Boot camp is over… I think we are all genuinely concerned about the lack of food after today. There seems to be this common knowledge that you leave here a little round. Our pontoon party cruiser captain made us all move to the back of the boat last night so he could reverse… My list…

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Mik Goes To Boot Camp

Boot camp usually means getting your butt kicked… and Project Wild Boot Camp is going to be a legit butt whooping but in the most amazing way you can imagine. Your schedule is packed but it’s packed with things you cannot wait to do or learn! Day 1 was rad as we all got to…

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