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Posts by Lucette

I love camp

Dear mom and dad, As you can see from the photos I sent… I LOVE CAMP! I’ve got to do so many fun things like zip lining, kayaking, and swimming in the lake! I love all of my new friends too. Everyone is so great at what they do. Tonight we get to hear everyone’s…

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Best time ever!

Dear Project Wild, I had the best time ever. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned. I feel like when I come home today, I’ll come home a slightly changed girl. Not in crazy ways, but in more simple, subtle ways. Maybe I will walk a little taller. Maybe I will be kinder…

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I learned to dive!!!

Dear mom and dad, You wouldn’t believe it! I learned to dive today! I’ve never done it before and I didn’t even get that much water up my nose. My new friends made me learn. I’m very proud of myself. I also think you would be proud of me because I am learning so much.…

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Camp is fun

Dear Mom and Dad,   Camp is really fun. I was nervous about making friends but everyone is really nice and not mean. The food is so good. I had tacos and butter chicken already! Yesterday we played a hockey game and won. I don’t like hockey but I played and was actually not bad.…

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