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Posts by Dustin Farr

Showcase Day!!

Day 3 – Well day three is upon us here in the rugged wilderness of Boot Camp, and man the good stuff just keeps on coming!! We began our day with Bob D’Eith and his talk on the business of music. His practical insight from years of experience was fantastic to be able to see…

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Day 4 – Well I was able to finally get to sleep after my showcase and it was the best sleep I have had at camp so far, and i think most of it was due to the fact that I didn’t have my showcase set hanging over me, and was able to truly let…

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Looking Back

Since I completed my one on ones my days have been busy with scheduled seminars and much more free time, which has allowed me to enjoy the amenities of Rock Ridge Canyon, and man is this place amazing!! We have spent most evenings bouncing between studios listening to folks put overdubs on their tracks and…

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Get to work!!!!

  Day 2 at camp is the first official day of getting down to business, and it started with a bang!! Our first session was on vocal performance with Tamara Beattie, which was one that I was looking forward to in order to learn more about vocal warm-ups and warm downs, but it was far…

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We’re Heeeeeerrrrrre!!!!

Well I finally made it to the Project Wild Boot Camp!! Man I still can’t believe I get to take part in such an amazing experience!! The people that I have met and continue to meet are amazing and I cannot wait to learn as much as I can during my time here. I am…

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