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Friends Family and Falsetto

The last day….A day that at first felt distant. I find myself reflecting on all that I’ve learnt but also thinking of those that I’ve met. Its amazing to me how fast you can get to know people in a situation like this, it makes you wonder why in the “Real World” it takes us so long to become connected to new people.

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“I get to”

I once listened to a speaker talk about changing your mindset from ” I have to” to “I get to”.
And I couldn’t think of a better statement to apply to this experience. I haven’t once thought “I have to go to a seminar about the business side of music by Bob D’eith”
It’s “I get to go to a seminar about the business side of music by Bob D’eith”
We are all soo soo fortunate to be apart of this, and every single one of the 12 acts here all portrays that attitude as well.

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The Day Before the Day Before

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“All my bags are packed and I”m ready to go…..” Just kidding I can’t even quote John Denver. My clothes are folded but they are not actually in my bag yet. And by “bag” I mean large trunk with wheels. There isn’t laundry so I mean yeah, I brought a lot of clothes. You got daytime clothes, nighttime clothes, bedtime clothes, physical activity clothes, swimming clothes (Also known as bathing suits) Performance clothes. Lots of clothes.

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