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2017 top 12 artists

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 3!

1st Place: Brad Saunders
2nd Place: Nice Horse
3rd Place: Tanya Ryan

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 12!

Each year, the Top 12 is chosen from hundreds of applications, by a thorough process conducted by multiple juries. The Top 12 each receive a Development Award of $5000 upon entry to the program, while taking part in an Artist Development Bootcamp, the Showcase Series, and completing a series of career-enhancing challenges ~ all to determine the winners of $100,953 / $75,000 / $50,000 prizes.

2017 Artist Blogs

Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable
Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable. “A man who has been in another world, does not come back unchanged”. – CS Lewis (yep, I dabble in sci-fi:) That is how I feel after this almost surreal journey at PW2017 Bootcamp. Maybe it’s a product of where I am at in my journey, maybe it’s true for all…
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Nice Horse Adds A 5th Member
BRANDI: Guys, I found my dancing soul mate last night. KRISTA: It’s Dustin, isn’t it? BRANDI: Oh yeah, it’s also Dustin. I have two. The other one is Tanya Ryan. KATIE: Tanya, get over here! You’re in the band! TANYA: Yessss! KATIE: Hey Liam, go away and stop distracting Kaley. LIAM: Oh yeah? KATIE: This…
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Home Time
Well, boot camp has come to an end. I learned a great many things over our week here. I learned so much about the music business. I also learned that bringing 4 guitars to camp is a bit overkill, and bringing one pair of socks was not enough. I have so much to think about…
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Wild Dozen Day 6
It’s day 6 of Boot Camp, food rations are not running low… It’s hard to put into a blog how I’m feeling but here it goes. My brain has never been packed full of more useful knowledge, I’m know I’m exhausted but I’m just so dang excited about everything that it doesent even matter. People…
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Nice Horse has a Wardrobe Malfunction
KRISTA: Hey Kaley, what was your favourite part of yesterday? KALEY: When Brandi let me look at her nipple. BRANDI: I didn’t let you! It was an accident. Don’t worry, I put on a bra. KATIE: For the first time ever. KRISTA: Do you think that’s the reason we put on a good show? KATIE:…
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