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2017 top 12 artists

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 3!

1st Place: Brad Saunders
2nd Place: Nice Horse
3rd Place: Tanya Ryan

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 12!

Each year, the Top 12 is chosen from hundreds of applications, by a thorough process conducted by multiple juries. The Top 12 each receive a Development Award of $5000 upon entry to the program, while taking part in an Artist Development Bootcamp, the Showcase Series, and completing a series of career-enhancing challenges ~ all to determine the winners of $100,953 / $75,000 / $50,000 prizes.

2017 Artist Blogs

Star Gazing
Saturday Sept. 27th This evening, we had the first of our showcases. One moment, you’re talking to someone and relating to them on a practical level and then hours later, on stage, they are fireflies, lighting up the room. It’s amazing how unmasking oneself, doing what you love and loving those you do it for,…
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Showcase Day!!
Day 3 – Well day three is upon us here in the rugged wilderness of Boot Camp, and man the good stuff just keeps on coming!! We began our day with Bob D’Eith and his talk on the business of music. His practical insight from years of experience was fantastic to be able to see…
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Day 4 – Well I was able to finally get to sleep after my showcase and it was the best sleep I have had at camp so far, and i think most of it was due to the fact that I didn’t have my showcase set hanging over me, and was able to truly let…
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Lucas Chaisson – Boot Camp Showcase Recap
The week is coming to an end here at Rockridge Canyon. Over the past 3 nights we saw all of the Top 12 artists perform a 20 minute set. All of the artists here are so different – I feel like all segments of country music were represented well this week. The first two nights…
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I love camp
Dear mom and dad, As you can see from the photos I sent… I LOVE CAMP! I’ve got to do so many fun things like zip lining, kayaking, and swimming in the lake! I love all of my new friends too. Everyone is so great at what they do. Tonight we get to hear everyone’s…
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