Project Wild 2019 applications opening march 1

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2018 Artist Blogs

Poolside Vibes Bootcamp Style
Can you say diving board flip contest? I certainly can!  Bootcamp isn’t all work; you also have a chance to enjoy some free time during the afternoon.   As you may already know, I am a big Team Nimbus advocate.  These guys go above and beyond to make our jobs as easy as possible, so when…
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Gratitude and Reflections
I often struggle with the busy buzz of every day life.  I forget to take time and breath and be grateful for everything that surrounds me. Life is a crazy ride and moves so quickly; it’s so important to enjoy the little things.  I am learning more and more to work this into my everyday lifestyle.…
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And things are only getting started!
The fast and slow paced winding roads leading up to Rockridge canyon mirrored how my brain and emotions were acting on day one of PW Bootcamp. Being beyond ecstatic to see everyone and really get to know all of the other artists on a real level, I honestly had no idea what to expect out…
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You Bet I’ll Go There
We ended our last day at bootcamp with a listening party of the songs that we’ve worked on over the past week. My song, that I co-wrote with Michela, was called You Bet I’ll Go There. We were given the theme “There’s A Place” and decided that there were two directions that we could take…
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That’s A Wrap! (for now)
I think these past 7 days have made up the most exciting and exhausting week that I have had in a VERY long time. From being taught about the business side of the industry and learning about royalties and music licensing to fashion styling and stage performance techniques, we’ve covered so much this week… now…
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